UPS Maintenance Contract(AMC)

We are the manufacturers of online ups and offline ups we deal with several stabilizers CVTs constant voltage transformers isolation transformer SMPS and SP s is nothing but switch mode power supply

also, the FX e power powder-coated battery trolly wear a bag which can be stocked inside the battery trolley and moved from place to place these are all of the products manufactured by us UPS is abbreviated as uninterruptible power supply it will be used for all critical applications biomedical equipment’s operation Thetis and all the silver a player server networking data centers apart from the gravity  ups we are the channel partners of APC American power conversion Eaton -Delta Toshiba Mitsubishi Toshiba which is used for the industrial applications

we have two types of AMC’s and maintenance contract is the two types one is with components and another one is without components we give rental of ups for Events MNC company’s corporate segments where powers will not be intercepted our core strength is that we maintain the ups up-to capacity of 200 where any movement we can offer the service or inter

we have a field staff for the service engineers and they are having an experience of almost around 12 years they can handle any type of problems in the ups if it is not rectified in a stipulated time we give the assurance that standby will be provided our branches are there in Chennai, Bangalore Mysore and Telangana our gravity power motto is the assurance in the wealth of experience