UPS Rental Services in Chennai

Inverter Rentals in Chennai

Why Rent a UPS System?

UPS Rental Services in Chennai As a start-up, investment is one of the major concerns, why invest in ups and batteries when u get a rental one for an affordable price. Gravity Power Solution Contact to get support on rentals and leases. We offer UPS and battery backup rentals for any applications. From a single-phase rack mount to a three-phase stand-alone UPS you can rely on us for online supply and maintenance.UPS Rental Services in Chennai



We deliver all orders within 1-2 working days

Home Inverter battery 1BHK and 2BHK 1kva inverter sufficient

Delivery within 1 or 2 working days  

Delivery Charge applicable as per location  one time delivery and disconnection charges including 

maintenance  and  breakdown are free of cost

Deposit amount required to pay at the time off installation

Yes, we have a 90days minimum hire period, you can select longer rental period to get discounts

A customer has to call and inform at our sales team at least one day prior to the delivery date to avoid any transportation charges which will be applicable otherwise.

No, our technician and delivery team can only come to customers place for installation of ups battery

Call us, with a 1-week notice, so we can schedule a collection of ups battery at a convenient time. if rental tram is expired one days all also one month charges.

Simply call or what sup massage us, we will process return request ups battery remaining amount being calculated monthly basis.

24/7 UPS rental services medical emergency services available